Why Beyoncé’s Brand Evolution Should Inspire Us


This blog post feels right at 10am.

After attending the Beyoncé and Jay-Z On The Run II tour in Philadelphia this past Monday, I came back to our staff team to reflect on why we all need to craft personal brands that leave people feeling more inclined to return for more services and products. Have you ever seen a crowd going ape sh*t?

If you’re a mega fan like we are then you understand the evolution and power of Beyoncé’s brand. From little promo on her secret albums to a supportive BeyHive, Beyoncé is earning her right to do exactly what she likes to do -sing, dance, inspire and perform. And we should all aspire to do just that. Hand raise if you want to make money while making an imprint on society!

But the truth is that Beyoncé didn’t always have a brand this large with a following that would kill for her. Literally.

Beyoncé’s personal brand started as her being a hard-working pop-artist with great performances. As she evolved into a mega star, her brand evolved. She’s now a working mom and wife that believes in highlighting black culture and bringing confidence to women through her music and performances.

Bey established and expanded her place in the industry by partnering with Eminem, Shakira, Sean Paul and more. This is how her brand skyrocketed. She used fruitful partnerships to expand her reach. Once she had a dedicated tribe of supporters, she owned her truth as a mom and wife. Her truth invited more people to appreciate and support her, not just for herself but for all busy moms and not-always-happy wives. Beyoncé’s brand became humanized and authentic. Her influence shaped the behaviors of women and men across the globe.

She later blossomed into Yoncè which highlighted her sexuality and individualization, Beyoncé the wife and mom which showed the not always pretty parts of being a influencer and Beyoncé remarried who enjoys being a mega star, mom and wife. It wasn’t until she allowed the world into her life through music that people began recognizing they too are like Beyoncé. She isn’t perfect. And she doesn’t need to be perfect to be influential.

What can we all take from Beyoncé when building a personal, professional or business brand?

1. Be authentic. Let people see you. You can be private and authentic. You can also shape the conversation around your brand.
2. Keep evolving. You can’t build a brand in one day. Be intentional about your growth.
3. Partner with genuine people who can help elevate your brand.
4. Continue to put in the work. Beyoncé is influential because she’s working hard.
5. Build a “tribe” of supporters who are always willing to see you win.

When you get stuck just think, what would Bey do?