Great Customer Service = Brand Loyalty

Customer Service Black Man Stock.png

When you think about a marketing and branding strategy, are you including customer service?

Great Customer Service = Brand Loyalty + More Clients = More $$$

Bad Customer Service ≠ Brand Loyalty - (Less Clients) = Less $$$

Customer service is one of those things that everyone thinks they're good at but very few actually understand. Excluding customer service in personal, professional and business brands reduces its priority and value with your brand. This is why that’s bad: 1) you lose out on money and 2) you forfeit consistent business from loyal customers.

This formula holds true for professional brands as well. Professional brands need cheerleaders —real people you can call for references and recommendations. Big to small businesses need brand loyalty to maintain a base client group. We all benefit from brand loyalty.

To break this down further: brand loyalty (loyal customers) is a pillar to sustaining your business, service or product. Brand loyalty means someone is choosing your product, service or business over another consistently.

One of the easiest ways to increase your brand loyalty is to offer above and beyond customer service. Make your customers talk highly about your customer service that they encourage others to support you. It’s just that simple... but if you do this wrong, there’s no coming back.

Jasmine Gibson