5 Marketing Tools That Everyone Can Use

5 Marketing Tools Everyone Can Use.png

Everyone needs a little marketing in their lives especially in the age of social media. With new technology and apps coming out daily, it’s hard to weed out which software and platforms are worthwhile. To avoid information overload, we’re hear to simplify the important from the unimportant. 

1. Written Communication

Grammarly is a free writing app that can instantly scan your texts and posts for grammatical errors. This one is for those of you who have errors in your text messages, social media posts and your emails (yes, you!). It's compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and Twitter –so there's really no need for trolling grammar police.

2. Graphic Design

Desktop: This one is a client favorite: Canva. Most marketers use Canva for content marketing and social media graphics. You can create your own design from scratch or use one of the 14,000 free ones. We use the paid version here for our flyers, invitations, presentations and more. Now, here's the honest review: we love all things Canva until you download the app. It's app functions aren't 100% optimized for mobile use but if you design on a desktop/laptop, it works much better.

App: Our personal favorite graphic app is Hype Type. This is how creatives create compelling Instagram and Facebook stories. Have you seen an increase in animated text and videos appearing in your stories feed? Ever wondered how? Well thanks to apps like Hype Type, Adobe Spark and more, it's never been easier to use your smartphone to engage your audience. 
Fine print –Hype Type is at a pretty steep price point of 19.99 but if you use it weekly, it pays off.

3. Social Media

We all need this one specific platform: LinkedIn. And by need, we mean actively using it to convey your career accomplishments, expertise and professionalism. Admittedly, we’ve been pounding this message repeatedly on our social media platforms and at this point, we’re honestly tired of saying it. And perhaps you are too but LinkedIn connects you with 20,000+ companies looking to recruit new talent. How could you pass up that opportunity? If you need help learning LinkedIn and getting your profile in shape, we provide a number of services to get you started.

4. Video

The fastest growing marketing video platform among entrepreneurs and businesses is Zoom. It's not just video, it's the next generation's incubator for webinar hosting, video conferencing and more. It's what we envision to be adapting to a work from home culture. Zoom is a vital part of our career coaching programming where we can playback interview simulations and work 1:1 with our clients.

5. Note-taking & to-do lists

Google Keep is by far the best note taking app. And yes, we're bias to all Google platforms and softwares. But have your clients switched from Notes to Google Keep like ours? OK then. Google Keep allows in app checkboxes for your to-do lists, coordinated color schemes and even tags to help organize your notes. If you’re an avid notes person (Sticky Note junkies), this is a great tool to save #hashtags, grocery lists and more while you're on the go.