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Miocoa has a promise to our community: to elevate black women who have yet to own their voice and ignite their fire. This is why we offer personal and professional branding to true phenomenal women trailblazers. Whatever your path, we want you to command attention and earn what you deserve.

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Digital Marketing

Every business needs a marketing and branding strategy that sets them apart from their competition. In the ever-changing digital climate, your brand must stand out. After all, it's how you'll gain new clients and retain current ones. We offer competitive and flexible packages to help market your business.

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small Business Coaching

Starting and running a business are no easy task, from every day tasks to long-term planning–it can be overwhelming. Are you having trouble with generating sales or converting leads? Feeling stuck? If so, it may be time to invest in a coach that can guide you through building and growing a sustainable business.

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