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Controlling your digital marketing

Here’s WHAT we do

We get it, you don’t need us to do it for you. You just need our help to guide you through it. For you, we offer a 5-week coaching program designed to build and sustain your digital presence.

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1:1 Digital Marketing Coaching 5-Week Program – $800

Digital Marketing coaching is best if:
-you aren't able to afford a Digital Marketing contractor or would like to manage it yourself.
-you are ready to build a digital presence that commands attention. 
-you would prefer a 1:1 program to learn the in's and out's of digital marketing.
-you are struggling with social media and/or email marketing.
-you need a better understanding of SEO to increase website engagement.
-you could really use another set of eyes on your content  (graphics, templates, and other brand materials).

What we cover:
Week One–Onboarding, Goals, and In-Depth Analysis of your Digital Marketing
Week Two–Crafting a Compelling Brand Story
Week Three–Crash Course: Email, Social Media, SEO
Week Four–Designing Templates for Beginners
Week Five–Creating a Content Calendar and Strategy