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SMALL Business Coaching

Black women business owners are killing it, humbly (of course)!

Over the last 20 years, black women owned firms have jumped 605%.

With the increasing desire and initiative to start businesses, we’re on a serious mission.

It’s officially our job to make sure black women thrive in business ownership.

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We’ve created an intense, results-driven 12-week coaching program tailored specifically for black women entrepreneurs. While black women business owners are certainly killing it, the reality remains: 97% of them identify as “solopreneurs”, which means business growth remains a challenge. This is mainly due to the lack of funding which puts accessing resources like marketing, training and additional staff out of reach.

To combat some of these real issues, we’ve acknowledged 1) we’re going to need more wine and 2) we’re going to tackle this together.

You are not alone in business ownership! Our 12-week program will provide the necessary tools to fast-track your business towards the outcomes you’re eager to see; outcomes that show these reports we’re defeating the odds and defying their statistics.

Our in-depth coaching curriculum covers:

Week One–Onboarding, Mindset & Your Why
Week Two–Business Goals & Directions
Week Three–Creating a “Mission & About” Worth an Investment
Week Four–Ideal Client Identification & Target Audience Research
Week Five–Bundling and Pricing Your Products & Services
Week Six–Unique Selling Point/Niche Review
Week Seven–Competitor SWOT Analysis
Week Eight–Your One-of-a-Kind Brand Story
Week Nine–Creating a Market Strategy for Target Audience
Week Ten–Mapping out Compelling Content with a Content Calendar
Week Eleven–Building a Multi-Entry Sales Funnel
Week Twelve–How to Gain and Convert Leads

Is small business coaching for me?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, business coaching is for you.

  • Are you an early stage business owner looking to learn the ropes of business?

  • Are you looking for more ways to boost profit, convert leads and gain more sales?

  • Do you struggle with connecting with your audience and creating brand loyalty?

  • Have you gotten some success but it’s inconsistent?

  • Can you continue doing what you’re doing now to grow your business?

  • Have you been a victim of information overload while growing your business?

  • Do you find yourself frequently overwhelmed when you think about your business?

  • Are you struggling with creating an actionable business plan and strategy?

  • Would you be comfortable as a “solopreneur” on a $66k salary for the next 3 years?

You know the rule. If you answered “yes” to any or all of these, use the button below to see if we’d make a good fit as your small business coach and mentor.