GUIDED WORKBOOK: Getting clear on your target audience and ideal client

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You cannot be for everyone. Are we clear?

(This is about business but that surely sparked a fire under some of you reading, I bet.)

Before building a business, we have to be clear on our target market. A target market is who you plan to help or serve consistently—it is not everyone.

Many businesses think they understand their target market but their niche is generally too broad. This is a common problem. In context, 82% of our clients were misinformed, unsure or had no idea of their target market.

Starting a business or marketing strategy without a target market can lead to failure, stagnation, low sales, inconsistent leads, and the list goes on.

Here’s a quick example, a hair stylist serves people who need their hair styled. Well yes, of course, but who in that audience specifically? Children? Adults? Seniors? Men? Women?

This is where we run into a problem when identifying a target audience. There’s no idea of who you’re truly helping or serving. And again, we cannot serve everyone.

We’ve created a FREE valuable workbook to help you create a better marketing strategy to sustain and scale your business. This guided workbook–Finding Your Ideal Client, includes our signature Lead-Generating 4-Step Process that will take your branding efforts to the next level.

This workbook includes how to:

  • get super clear on your purpose and goals for brand alignment.

  • survey your current audience for clear positioning.

  • generate leads by identifying your target market.

  • study the personas you’re targeting to increase sales.

Click here to sign up for our newest workbook Finding Your Ideal Client. You can even finish the entire thing during your lunch break!

Jasmine Gibson