Why This Consultant Believes Every Business Owner Needs a Client Intake Process


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Story Provided by Bret Townsend (Pictured)

Story Provided by Bret Townsend (Pictured)


Do not underestimate the importance of PROCESS.

As a Freelance Consultant at SavvyPro Freelance, who takes pride in the art of systems, let’s break down why every business owner needs a Client Intake Process. True to Bret-style, grab a pen, and let’s get down to business. 

Why DO I need a client intake process?

Having a process for how you screen and receive your clients is Productivity and Streamlining 101. Let’s face it: everyone is not YOUR client (and quite frankly, you might want to steer clear of certain clients).

Initial Processes

1. Create a Client Intake Questionnaire, which is a series of practical questions to gauge your client’s expectations, seriousness and commitment. This questionnaire will help ensure neither of your time is wasted in a long-term project.

Some key questions:

  • Do you believe my business provides the services and resources this project needs?

  • Does your mission fit my brand values and something I can be proud to be associated with?

  • Can you afford my services or do a fair barter? 

  • How involved are you looking to be in this project?

  • What do you believe is holding you back from being successful with implementing this project?

2. Dedicate a small amount of time to conduct a little research and speak with your prospective client. A quick discovery call or video conference should do the trick. Pay attention to the tone of the clients voice, any repeated questions and …your gut.

Actual Intake

Have you ever received poor customer service? Do you remember the way it made you feel? To continue with your intake process, you’ll need a really great customer experience to WOW the client.

1. Create a Welcome Kit (some people call them Pitch Kits, too).

A correctly assembled kit includes:

  • A friendly introduction and overview of your business

  • A thank you note and small about you, the CEO, and who you are

  • Expectations for a successful partnership:

    • Your services and capabilities

    • Your payment terms, types and platforms

    • Ways to contact you and your business hours

    • Your other business or social media profiles

    • An out-clause or refund policy (everything doesn’t have to be forever)

  • Outline of next steps in the process

2. Test your Welcome Kit

  • Is your grammar fine?

  • Is the presentation easy on the eyes?

  • Does this document or collection of documents match your brand personality?

You have to combine presentation, professionalism, uniqueness and practicality to make this Welcome Kit a winner.

One last touch to how you go about your client intake is time and awareness. From the initial questionnaire to the client welcome kit, this process should be timely. Set the expectation for when you’ll reach back out with more communications and NEVER, EVER ghost a prospective client.

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