Which to prioritize: customer experience or customer service? 

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Your brand is a result of how your customers feel about your organization based on their interaction with aspects of your organization. Therefore, your customer service and customer experience are important elements for your marketing strategy.

You may find yourself asking what’s the difference and which should you prioritize? Customer service is simply one part of your entire customer experience.

Customer service should improve customer satisfaction with product use, troubleshooting issues, the buying experience, and expectations. A business with great customer service is Apple. Since customer service is usually used when a consumer is dissatisfied, it’s incredibly important. Nearly 75% of customers who leave small businesses, cite lack of customer service as the reason why. This is where customer experience comes into place.

Customer experience is how your brand makes your customer feel. Think Chick-Fil-A. When is anyone ever disappointed with Chick-Fil-A? Customer experience is the journey from knowing you, liking you and later trusting you to deliver a result. It’s not limited to one interaction but rather every emotional, physical and psychological need your audience has while experiencing your brand. Some things that can impact your customer experience: offensive language, no refunds, limited customer service, lack of representation and quality of product/service.

So, how can you build up your customer experience? Providing long-term solutions to the needs of your audience with loyalty programs, newsletters, birthday messages, freebies and exclusive offers. 

In 2019, your customer experience is a major part of your brand. Any incorrect interpretation of your audience’s needs or behavior can move you, the business, into #cancelled culture. The best way to build a dynamic customer experience is to include top-notch customer service.

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