What A 24-Year Old Entrepreneur Wishes She Knew Before Starting A Business


Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear stories from the Miocoa Strategies’ network on what we wish we knew about business or marketing. This is to help give insight into entrepreneurship and the impact of marketing/branding. We hope you enjoy!


I’ll be honest. Until my freshman year of college, I had no intentions of being anything other than a defense attorney.

Fast forward to today, I can’t imagine a life outside of being a digital marketer. Digital marketing is how I’m able to merge and nurture all my many skills.

I didn’t understand what I wish I knew until I started my own digital marketing business. I’ve been able to learn new things almost every day, and it’s mind-boggling how fast things change in this industry.

I wish I knew PATIENCE.

In the world of digital technology, there’s a demand for instantaneous results. It becomes hard to remain patient with the path to success. There’s this expectation that says if you don’t increase my followers overnight, your business and service isn’t of value. I’ll admit It’s frightening.

It can be hard to remember this but success in any aspect of your life can not happen overnight. And it most certainly won’t happen if you avoid or slack on doing the work.

This is what I teach my clients and coaching participants. Keep doing the work and appreciate the progress. When we’re impatient we forget baby steps are still worthy of celebration.

So for me, I wish I knew how to be patient in teaching patience.


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Jasmine Gibson