Welcome & Hello!


Hello & Welcome to Miocoa Strategies.

I am so excited to announce this website and my vision to the world. As an introduction to our site, I am answering a bunch of questions that I've received via Instagram that may help you understand how Miocoa Strategies formed and who we're here to help.

For starters, we have to take a second to acknowledge the contributors who helped this business sky-rocket (and kept it a secret for weeks, per my request):

My logo designer: Dietrice Fortune of Fortune Tech Designs
My web developer: Le'Andre Sudler of L&S Solutions
My photographer: Steven Gayles of Stevie.G Photography

Let's jump right into it:

What's Miocoa Strategies? Are you the face?
Miocoa Strategies is a strategic consulting firm in Baltimore, MD. We help clients with marketing and branding, career coaching and business consulting.

To my disapproval, I am the face. I wanted the organization to thrive without focusing too much on me. It was my mentor who insisted "at this stage, you'll need a face. That's you." And here I am, the face.

Who are your services meant to help?
With our marketing and brand consulting, we center on helping political influencers, advocacy teams, industry leaders and some small businesses. This is our target audience but this does not limit who we will work with at all.

For career coaching, we help everyone. The goal is to continue being an advocate for millennials, so we'll be spending a lot of time targeting millennials in need of advancing their careers or those who need help getting started.

In our business coaching and consulting programs, we help millennial-led businesses, small-to-mid businesses and inner-city mentoring programs. We use our coaching and consulting to elevate our next generation of leaders.

What will your blog content focus on?
Our blog is meant to inspire and educate our target audiences. Some of the topics that we'll dig deep into include career advancement, new business, digital marketing research, millennial engagement insight, industry hot topics, and, marketing and branding support.

What's the long-term vision?
While I don't personally want to disclose any of our long-term goals, I will say this on behalf of Miocoa Strategies: "we plan to continue growing by helping personal, professional and business brands reach their potential."

And that, will never change.