How to Plan Your Content in 2019

“Content marketing is the future,” says Jasmine Gibson, Founder + CEO of Miocoa Strategies.

“Content marketing is the future,” says Jasmine Gibson, Founder + CEO of Miocoa Strategies.

“Content marketing is the future,” says Jasmine Gibson, the face behind the @strategistjas brand and Founder + CEO of Miocoa Strategies.

Regardless of what marketing methods you use, content marketing has to be a priority. Let’s break down content marketing to make sure you’re using it effectively to grow your business and expand your brand reach.

Grab a post-it note and jot this stuff down. I’m sharing the goods this week.


Content marketing is how you attract and retain your audience. It’s compelling and educational information that your target audience wants to hear (not what you want them to hear). There are various content types to choose for your marketing needs.


Which methods are you using in your marketing plan? You don’t have to do it all–start small with two content types. Our team of 4 uses graphic design, blog, audio and photography.


Plan your marketing content quarterly with weekly and monthly check-in’s. For our team, we use social media posts, blogs and podcasts on a weekly basis. To plan our content, we start with a content calendar for the upcoming month.

Each month is assigned a purpose or strategy. Here’s what our planning looks like using The Content Planner designed by Kat Gaskins.

We start with a monthly objective and break each week down with what we’d like to accomplish.

For example:

February 2019 Objective: Understanding Content

Week 1

  • 7 Social Media Posts

    • What are your 7 posts this week that can support your monthly objective?

    • What social media platforms can you find your ideal client/target audience? (Not where you want to be, where are they?)

  • 1 Blog

    • What blog can you write that supports your monthly objective?

  • 1 Podcast/Audio

    • What podcast topic can help your audience with the monthly objective?

    • Do you need to invite a guest?

    • How will you reach your guest?

Here are some amazing photos from Lindsay & Co and Food by Maria who also use The Content Planner to map out their content.


From our weekly to-do list, we can then execute on sharing compelling content to our audience with a clear strategy.

To make this easy for us, we use 3 apps:

  • Google Keep (or any notes app)

    • This is where we keep a note of our relevant hashtags for certain topics that we know we use frequently. You’ll want to update this often. Copy the hashtags and paste them to a scheduling app like Planoly and Buffer.

  • Planoly

    • Aesthetics and eye-capturing feeds are important to us. We use Planoly to schedule our content on Instagram. With the auto post feature, you have nothing to worry about except your spelling and grammar ;)

  • and Buffer

    • We use Buffer for all of our content on other platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This helps us manage our content on every platform. The major hassle with Buffer is the inability to respond to comments or any other engagement. If you can’t look beyond that, Hootsuite is your best bet.

Hopefully this has helped you with growing your content and making it more manageable as you show up for your audience consistently.

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Jasmine Gibson