How to create an authentic personal brand online

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Many people reach out and ask for help creating an online personal brand that's authentic and personable to their audience.

This is insanely difficult for introverts and people who enjoy their privacy. Quite frankly, it's uncomfortable inviting strangers into your life.

And, we get it. We treat building a personal brand like treating a cold. Tackle each symptom until you get better. Ready to get better?


The easiest way to build a personal brand is to be consistent in sharing your values. What do you care about? Why is it important to you? Share that.

For example, you value time management and organization. Something you can share are the apps and time limits you place on yourself to remain organized on your busy days.


It's common to feel you have to reveal a lot about your life online to connect with people. And, social media makes it easy to get pressured into sharing a lot of your life. Here’s the catch: you don’t have to.

Start by deciding what you're comfortable sharing. If you’re uncomfortable with an outsider commenting on your children, that's probably an area you shouldn't share to avoid conflict, insecurities and judgment.


You can share your journey without sharing your tactics. This is where most people struggle. You can explain you’ve earned a new job without giving away the company, new salary, start date, etc.

Instead, add authenticity to the journey by revealing the gruesome parts– how many applications you completed, the # of interviews you went to, or by sharing the person who fixed your resume.

The most important element to creating an authentic online personal brand is to share what you’re comfortable sharing. Don’t allow your audience the opportunity to craft the narrative–that’s your job.

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Jasmine Gibson