Intern Insight: Combatting Social Media Depression

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By Alex Lutz
(Miocoa Strategies – Fall 2018 Intern)

Everyone has felt some sort of jealousy as they scroll through social media and see friends and family doing cool and fun things while they aren’t doing much at all. Here are some ways to combat how much of that jealousy you actually feel.

The first thing you can do is to limit the amount of time you spend on social media. For Apple users, this can easily be done with the new screen time feature which limits the amount of time you’re allowed to spend on specific applications. Once you’ve reached that limit, your phone will alert you to close the application. This feature is designed to help people put down their devices and appreciate downtime.

Another thing you can do is change the way you use social media. If you use it to keep up with people you graduated with because you want to see how good their lives turned out, chances are, you can find a better use of your time. Try limiting your social media usage to having conversations with real friends or to meet new people, and learn from them as well.

Social media doesn’t have to be bad. One of its most compelling benefits is that it’s a platform for people across the world to interact easily with each other—utilizing that can be enlightening and fruitful.

While we’re often bombarded with “fake news,” social media can be a great way to learn about everything happening in the world. Instead of using social media to spread false news or go deep in the blackhole of debate, try getting your news elsewhere. A quick tip is to turn on Google Alerts for things that you care about like politics, stock analysis, celebrity news and more. Using Google Alerts helps manage the content you consume.

How were these tips? Did they help?

Alex Lutz