Best Apps for Creating An Instagram Story


It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the most popular and frequently used social networks for millennials. Not only are millennials using the app to socially interact with other users, they are using it as a networking tool to attract and engage with their audience (which after all is the purpose of social media, right?).

Many businesses are now turning to Instagram to market their brand or product.

And they are doing so by using some of the coolest templates and editing tools out there. Checkout these five fast and easy to use templates:

1. HypeType: customize your videos with the capability to add text over your pictures,
videos and boomerangs.

Want to drown out the sound of a pre-recorded video? This app allows music to overlay your recorded video and trim videos to focus on your favorite part. HypeType is also helpful when you’re drawing a blank with content creation but within the app you can access hundreds of quotes guaranteed to motivate and inspire your audience.

2. Unfold: easy to use templates for Instagram stories that allow their users to express themselves through their designs.

Unfold offers a variety of background colors and stickers to play with, but my favorite part about the app is the fact that they allow you to use your creativity.

Although there are templates, you can design it however you are feeling. Full creative control.

3. Splice: video editing that’s free.99!

Splice includes cool features such as background music, voice overs and a variety of other sound effects. Videos are a Great way to attract your audience’s attention and Splice made it that much easier to create high quality videos straight from your iPhone. With editing options to trim, cut and add cool graphics, you’re in for a treat.

4. AirBrush: photo-editing made easy.

AirBrush is just what is sounds like, a photo-editing tool to boost the quality of your photo.

Whether you’re looking to remove a pimple, crop out unwanted strangers or brighten the photo, AirBrush has you covered.

5. Adobe Lightroom: the editing tool that helps curate a visual appealing feed.

Honestly, this is probably one of the most popular editing apps for Instagram stories. It’s like Instagram’s personal Photoshop. Lightroom is for the pros of photo editing. From boosting the color to removing unwanted people and items in your photo, Lightroom makes every photo better. Seriously.

Jasmine Gibson