8 Realities that mean it’s time to hire a Digital Marketer

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1. There’s no traffic to your website.

Have you noticed no one is coming to your website? Or worse, you aren't appearing on Google at all? If you're unfamiliar with SEO keywords that help boost your website findings, it may help to hire a digital marketer who can help boost your leads/conversions.

2. Spending too much time on social media or email marketing.

This one is a true indicator you need to hire help. Spending more than 30% of your time as a small business owner on social media or email marketing should generate a huge ROI. Track the time you spend vs. the clients/sales you bring in. If you're unhappy with the result, hire a digital marketer to help.

3. Content creation isn’t easy for you.

Content creation requires you to create new and compelling content often–insert appreciation to creatives. For us at Miocoa Strategies, we create blogs, emails, and social media posts not only for www.miocoa.com but also for our clients. It can become overwhelming to find the creative juice to keep pumping out content.

4. Running ads isn’t producing an ROI.

Have you tried running an ad? Are your ads successful? To see a real ROI from ad campaigns, you need goals, metrics and target segments. A digital marketer can help maximize your ROI with your ad campaigns to really show the worth of your dollar.

5. Face it. You’re not tech-savvy.

Please take no offense to the reality. Some of us simply don't understand the major 4: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Posting quotes and chain messages every day will not grow your digital presence. Ask a digital marketer what content you can post for your business.

6. You have no idea how to work Google Analytics or AdWords.

This is real expert stuff right here. If you are lost interpreting your analytics or producing a report, bring in a digital marketer—preferably someone who is certified. They can show you what’s working and what needs improvements.

7. You’re struggling to grow your email list.

Growing an email list as a digital marketer is easy. Setting up a few funnels and opportunities for your audience to join is all it takes. But this requires time and patience. If you’re low on time and patience, hire help.

8. You’re not reaching people through social media.

We get it. You’ve been following all the tips you’ve found, piecing it all together one by one. Yet you still aren’t seeing your content reach your ideal audience. A quick consultation with a digital marketer can pinpoint what’s going wrong in as little as 30 minutes.

Jasmine Gibson