6 Things You Need to Know About Your Audience

Target Audience Marketing

Most new business owners fall into this really bad business mistake when it’s time to build a brand and market their business. I actually fell into this trap myself when starting Miocoa Strategies.

Building a business should be about your audience, not you. It’s fine to include brand personality to your messaging but, everything isn’t about you. Everything is about your client and solving their problems.

What do I mean? If you’re not converting sales or capturing leads, you probably don’t know these 6 major things about your audience.

1. Their Unique Problems

Understanding your audience’s problem is your #1 priority. You have to get to the root of their issue and sell your service/product as a solution to that issue. How does your service make their life easier? Use this example.

Stylist #1: I am a hairstylist in Los Angeles, CA.

Stylist #2: I help women get more beauty compliments every time they leave my chair.

Which hair stylist would you connect with more? Probably #2 because they are solving a problem. They are selling you a beauty transformation, not a hairstyle. This example works with a product too. Does your skincare product create radiant skin or does it prevent pimples and blackheads with its unique formula?

2. Their Personal Challenges

It’s no secret. Most people juggle a work-life-health balance that requires them to do a million things per day. If your audience is doing 500 things per day, it’s possible they’ll miss your scheduled meeting. That means you should set up meeting reminders and send follow-up emails/calls leading up to the meeting. This helps protect your time from being wasted. Perhaps your audience works a 9-5 and also owns a business, it makes sense to have evening and weekend office hours so they can connect with you easily.

It’s your job to create solutions for the personal challenges that may hinder your audience from connecting with you or purchasing from you.

3. Their Income

Let’s be honest. The income of your target audience is how you’ll price your services and products. So often we price our services outside of what our audience can and will afford. Do you know how much your audience makes?

The key isn’t to change how much you charge. It’s to further explain the value you bring and the many accommodations or payment plans you have available.

4. Their Values + Expectations

Values and expectations need to be aligned between you and your audience. I learned this the hard way when I started Miocoa Strategies. Your audience should value the same things you value or it’ll lead to bigger issues. If you value sticking to a contract, your customer should understand the expectations of your contract to avoid dissatisfaction long-term.

Shiny opportunities will come to you often. The values and expectations should align with your company’s mission and vision. While in the moment an opportunity may look good, it’s often in our haste that we make poor decisions.

5. Their Purchase Habits

Your business grows when you find the right customers who are ready to purchase with minimal influence. Those are the best customers because they get it. When you’re familiar with the purchase habits of your audience, it’s easier to convert them into a lead.

Purchase habits are the behaviors your audience exhibits when buying new things. Knowing this information can help sway a customer into a new purchase and the perfect opportune time. Purchasing habits also provide actionable steps in your marketing plan.

6. Their Location

Are you familiar with where your audience is located geographically? This could help determine the resources you provide, the problems you solve and any geographical factors that may hinder the way your audience shows up.

Knowing your audience location also helps with marketing ads. As you know ads expand your brand reach, boost your leads, and create new opportunities for business growth.

Jasmine Gibson