5 Alternatives to Canva


Still struggling with creating templates on Canva?

For those of you who don’t know what Canva is, it’s one of the most popular tools that makes each of us feel like a professional graphic designer. Bloggers, designers, creatives and small business owners use Canva to create top-quality content quick and easy. Depending on who you ask you might hear that Canva is a little tricky to navigate, and that’s alright because we have five fun alternatives that may be a better option for you.

Of course there are hundreds of different ways to create graphics, but here are my top 5:


This tool is constantly growing with fresh ideas and templates for their users. It is very easy to use and both the beginners and vets love it! Not to mention, it produces quality finishes and updates templates that stay up to date with social media trends.


The name speaks for itself. Not only does Stencil allow you to add quotes to your graphics but it assists with quick content for your social media platforms.


Honestly, this is my favorite photo editing tool. It’s a one stop shop, literally. You can play around with features such as, filters, touch ups, pic collages and more.


With Snappa, you can easily upload images to all social media platforms and provides access to over 1,000 graphics. No design experience? Not a problem with this tool, it’s lightweight and super fast.


I like to refer to this amazing tool as, the time saver. You can use one image and multiply its use in literally minutes. This is perfect for those creating custom content for brands.

These 5 alternatives to Canva are my favorite because they are fast and each provides a variety of services that will allow you and your team to create quality content for social media management. Most importantly, a college degree or even previous design experience isn’t completely necessary with these tools; they are all easy enough for beginners to navigate.


Krystn Washinton is a Content Creation Intern with Miocoa Strategies.

Krystn is a goal driven alumna from Bowie State University with her Bachelors degree in Public Relations. She has a strong attention to detail and is proficient in oral, written and interpersonal communications.

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