4 Easy Ways to Drive Sales using Social Media

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There’s a growing infatuation with social media marketing which on the surface level is amazing. In fact, Econsultancy found that social media is one of the top five marketing channels to generate a solid return on your investment. But, growing a social media presence to increase sales is time-consuming and costly for small businesses.

I’m a witness. Increasing sales through social media can be rough, especially if you’re not using the right tools and strategies.

This is what we’ve tried that works to increase sales:

1. Meet Your Audience Where They Are

You may want a social media presence on every channel but when you’re running a small business, that’s too time-consuming. Meet your audience where they are. If your audience is on Instagram, you should be too. Don’t waste time building brand awareness for an audience that won’t purchase.

2. Provide Value w/ TTT (Tutorials, Tips, Talent)

If you can sell your expertise to your target audience, they’ll undoubtedly enter your sales funnel. Establish yourself as an industry expert by providing value to them. Do this by using the 3 T’s–Tutorials, Tips, and Talent. As they recognize your expertise, they’ll begin to purchase and drive up your sales.

3. Build a Community of Supporters

There’s a growing need to build a private space for your community to interact. Creating a Facebook group is a common method to streamline your communications for maximum engagement. By building a space for your target to connect with you, you’re now introducing them to your sales funnel.

4. Be There and engage Consistently

To stand out from other industry experts and increase sales, you have to be present in a consumer’s feed to be chosen. This means frequently posting, commenting and sharing content. If you find you’re running low on content, diversify your content. There’s webinars, quotes, tips, podcasts, blogs, questions, polls and much more.

Jasmine Gibson