3 Things to Do Before Creating a Business Logo

3 things to do before creating a business logo

For some reason, the first step is generally the logo before anything else.

I’ve seen this scenario play out many of times. Picture this.

You’ve finally come to terms on your business idea. The next logical step is to name your business. And now to prove to yourself you’re serious, you’ll call around getting quotes for your logo. You stop at the cheapest person who can create a logo for $65 and have it back to you within a week. After 6 months, you realize your logo no longer matches your business and now need to rebrand.

Sound familiar?

Frequent rebranding can be costly for you and confusing to your consumers.

The thing is... it’s impossible for a great graphic designer to create your vision if you aren’t clear on your vision.

We’re going to walk you through 3 things you can do before creating your business logo.


Start with your legal stuff. You wouldn’t want to create a logo and later find out your business name is already in use, would you? To avoid that, legalize your business and file the necessary paperwork to run a business before you create a logo.


A good graphic designer can range anywhere from $100-5,000. For a small business, that can be a bit expensive. To save money, reach out to a local design school and ask the students to submit a logo design for compensation. Choose, pay and go!


This step is the most overlooked. Take some time to research what industry leaders are doing. Look at their logos—are they text based? or icon based? Do they all have a similar color? How can yours stand out? Create a logo that fits the industry but is also unique.

Jasmine Gibson