3 Ways to Design Better Graphics


Design is a dominant factor in marketing. Think about your logo, graphics, product labels… all of it should captivate and draw in your audience.

Do you ever look at a graphic and think “wow that’s busy" or “where should I focus?” That’s the result of poor visual hierarchy.

When creating a graphic, you don’t want every visual element fighting simultaneously for the viewer’s attention. You need to put things in some form of order. With visual hierarchy, you’re telling the viewer what they should look at first, then second, and so on.

Here are 3 simple yet effective ways to obtain visual hierarchy:


As you add fonts and typography to your graphic, scaling size is your biggest friend. Utilize the following three sizing tiers: headings (biggest size; used for main titles), subheadings (medium size; used for section titles), and body copy (smallest size; used for the main text/paragraphs). See Graphic A.

If you have additional design elements like photos and shapes, pay attention to the size of those elements in relation to your text. You typically want to make the extra elements large enough to become a part of the background or smaller and complementary to the text.

Graphic B.


Even with a basic three-color palette, you can achieve nice hierarchy in your design. For example, you can have a black background with white text and use an accent color of your choice for your headings and subheadings. This use of an accent color will naturally draw the viewer’s eyes to those elements because they stand out.

Graphic A.


For the most part, we usually read things left to right and top to bottom. This means you want to place your most important information (typically the title) in the top half or top third of your graphic. Placement is also about how close you put your elements to each other.

For dominant elements, allow extra space around them. On the other hand, secondary elements can be placed a little closer to one another.

With these design tips in mind, you’ll be able to create graphics that captivate viewers and drive them to your desired action.


Bianca Wilson is the Lead Graphic Designer for Miocoa Strategies.

Bianca’s work and commitment has improved visual brand identities of small businesses and non-profit associations.

Aside from graphic design, Bianca appreciates other artistic endeavors such as photography and painting.

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