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Who We Are


Who We Are

Miocoa Strategies is a full-service marketing consulting firm serving black women business owners and entrepreneurs. With a focus towards the unique needs and challenges facing black women business owners, we are a one-stop solution for building businesses that increase leads, expand reach and attract loyal customers.

Our work prepares truly phenomenal women for success in the world of business. By leveraging branding and digital resources, we’re able to help business owners exceed their dream of owning a sustainable, profitable and scalable business.

Our amazing clients benefit from strategic, results-driven services such as social media marketing, small business coaching, branding, content creation, e-mail marketing, target audience identification, lead generation, sales funnel optimization, and more.

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Why Us?

Have you ever noticed marketing teams usually lack diversity? Us too. We’ve built a team of women who believe marketing and branding isn’t complete without women’s ideas, strategies and expertise. More importantly, without black women is not an option here.

Since formally launching in May of 2018, we’ve helped 30+ black women business owners trail-blaze and fast-track their way towards reaching their business goals using our 4-signature services. 

From your business strategy to marketing, we’ve got you covered with tangible and measurable results with a level of depth that focuses on the intricate and complex needs of black women leaders.

Our experience working and uplifting black women trailblazers is the true testimony to the collective power of collaboration. Interested in working together? Let’s get started.