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Who We Are


Who We Are

Miocoa Strategies is a strategic consulting firm based in Baltimore, MD with a speciality expertise in digital marketing, branding and small business coaching.

Our work prepares truly phenomenal women who are trailblazers in their respective industries to command attention by being a contributing impact in advancing society. By leveraging branding and digital presence, we’re able to unlock their greatest potential and reach new salary brackets and income streams.

Our amazing clients benefit from strategic, results-driven services such as social media marketing, small business coaching, branding, content creation, e-mail marketing, target audience identification, lead generation, sales funnel optimization, and more.

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Why Us?

Without black women is not an option here. We acknowledge black women are integral building blocks of our families and communities.

Here at Miocoa Strategies, we deliver tangible and measurable results with a dedicated focus on the needs of Black women leaders with a level of depth that maximizes our collective power.

We have experience uplifting women trailblazers working as policy makers, advocacy campaign organizers, corporate event planners, political leaders, public policy experts, communication directors, real estate professionals, event photographers, and other working professionals.